Awesome Pair of Pomskies

Pomsky bonded breeding pair.

1 boy-4 yrs old – F-1 – 23 lbs

1 girl-1 yr. old – F1b – 33 lbs. – blue eyes

Both Embark tested – Click “About ImPECKable Poms” in the menu above to see results

$1500 each or both for $2500

The Future of ImPECKable Poms

Our last CKC Pomeranian puppy went to her new home today and I am sad. But it is time to move on, with that said and with Great Sadness, Todd and I have decided to Not continue with our Pomsky breeding and focus only on Pomeranians. AKC Pomeranians.

This means we will be looking to find the right people for our Pomskies, Emo & Angel- breeding pair, Emo is 23 lbs. F-1 Pomsky & Angel is 33 lbs. – 75% Husky 25% Pomeranian, they are Embark tested and also looking for people for our not registered but DNA tested 100% Pomeranian 2-year-old Pomeranian girl, 15 lbs. all black Dora. …..sigh….. Contact me if you are interested.

Short Puppy Bio

Berry is our little firecracker of the bunch! He is a dark black & brown sable boy. Berry is curious and not afraid to investigate. Berry is a very active boy, and he learns quickly! He already knows his name!

Cherry is a little sweetheart! She likes to cuddle and loves having her belly rubbed! Cherry also loves our black cat. She is a little doll with two white back feet, a white chest and a “milk” chin.

Peach is our little cream sable sweetheart with a white chest and some white feet. She also has a little “milk” chin. Peach is the shy one of the group, she has decided she likes to be held and might be a good lap dog.

Kale is the small boy of his litter. He is a pretty sable color with no white markings. Kale is pretty laid back and relaxed, he loves to play, and he is smart and funny. This little guy will give you years of entertainment!